Consulting Services

I provide a set of professional services to help you in various stages of your projects from evaluation and design phases to development and production deployment. Do not hesitate to contact me This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for more information on my consulting services offering, a quote or my availability.

Here is an example of services that I can provide:

  • Performance evaluation: Produce realistic workloads, test your web site scalability, extensive latency statistics, Internet scale load injection, CDN performance, failover evaluation, SLA compliance, ...
  • Design study: I can help you design or review your High Availability projects. Which technology to choose depending on your infrastructure, assessing the downtime risks, measuring your MTBF, defining RTO and RPO, establishing recovery procedures, identifying early in the process potential scalability issues,...  
  • On site Training: Introductory and advanced training on High Availability and the related technologies. The training is customized based on your needs and the skills of your development or support teams.
  • Technical Support: I can provide timely support for users who need assistance in the the design and deployment phases of their projects. If you want specific issues to be resolved in a timely fashion in projects for which I have committer rights, I can work on-demand on specific customer issues. I do not provide 24x7 production support contracts.
  • Installation, Configuration and Tuning: If you need assistance in installing, configuring or tuning an HA setup (load balancers, network, operating system, databases, application, web servers...), I can assist you remotely or perform the work on-site if combined with consulting or training.
  • Custom development: You need specific features for your application or you need a custom build of a particular project. I can perform custom development or help you integrate technologies in your applications or frameworks.