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This project seeks to provide the research community with more realistic benchmarks by providing real applications with real production workloads. BenchLab provides a framework to replay these workloads using real web browsers that can be deployed anywhere on the Internet. We are exploring the impact of Internet scale workloads on Web Applications including the effects of WAN latencies, load balancers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), replication and high availability (HA) mechanisms.

BenchLab provides 3 main components:

  • Benchmark Virtual Appliances: Virtual Appliances (virtual machines with pre-installed and pre-configured software stack) of benchmarks or real applications with their database payload and workload traces
  • Real Web Browser Replay: Software that allows to replay a workload trace through a real Web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome)
  • BenchLab WebApp: A Java WebApp that acts as a benchmark repository where the user can define the experiments to conduct and store the configuration and results of experiments
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