What is Sequoia?

Sequoia is a transparent middleware solution offering clustering, load balancing and failover services for any database. Sequoia is the continuation of the C-JDBC project. The database is distributed and replicated among several nodes and Sequoia balances the queries among these nodes. Sequoia handles node and network failures with transparent failover. It also provides support for hot recovery, online maintenance operations and online upgrades.

Features in a nutshell


Sequoia is the technology used by Continuent uni/cluster product line that I developped when I served as Chief Architect for Continuent. I left Continuent in 2007 but I keep working on Sequoia independently and I am currently developing the next generation of Sequoia (a.k.a Sequoia 4).

Sequoia has a wide range of production users ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. I have already successfully used Sequoia with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby (a.k.a JavaDB), HSQLDB, Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL Server and IBM DB2.


Sequoia is now hosted on, you can download the latest version from

The documentation is included in the Sequoia distribution.


You can contact me if you need consulting and custom developments for Sequoia.